Dear friends

The 17th International Film Festival of Debut and Student Films has finished. See you soon!

Attention! The Festival Nachalo will not take place in November 2019.
The dates of the Festival will be announced later.

The first edition of NACHALO took place in 2001. Since then, the Union of Cinematographers of St. Petersburg has turned Russia’s northern capital into a territory of cinema. The festival brings young, talented and inspiring people together in a creative atmosphere.

NACHALO is a meeting place for film-lovers, filmmakers and masters of film. The main goal of the forum is introducing new names and projects and offering young filmmakers a chance to exchange experiences in the beautiful city of St. Petersburg.

"St. Petersburg is the birthplace of Russian cinema. And the Festival with such an optimistic name "NACHALO" is the first step in the profession for those who decided to devote themselves to the art of cinema. This Festival was born as a competition of student short films, and now has become a truly large-scale film festival of young filmmakers, opening every year new names in the movie."

Georgy Poltavchenko,
Governor Of St. Petersburg

"Every year, this unique platform for beginning filmmakers only strengthens its position and importance, opening the world to new paintings and names. The Festival "NACHALO", of course, became a noticeable and expected film event in the life of St. Petersburg.

The program of each festival is filled with interesting and promising films, the authors of many of which expect a bright fate in the field of cinema. It is also symbolic that the Festival of works by young Directors from all over the world is held in our city, where the first Russian filmmakers began their creative career in the late 19th century.

I am sure that the Festival "NACHALO" will really be a bright start for many participants."

Konstantin Sukhenko,
Chairman of the Committee for Culture of St. Petersburg

"The main thing in our relationship is permanence. Permanence is the basis of development. Development is a guarantee against stagnation. We guarantee that each our new festival will be better, more interesting, more fun and informative than the previous one. We are doing everything necessary to ensure that young Directors will be able to show themselves and see others. And, of course, to draw conclusions, to experience the happiness that can bring only real art, and to find its place in the world film process. Remember that our films are very necessary for people. Await us. Let's compare."

Sergey Snezhkin,
People's artist of Russia, film Director, President of the Festival "NACHALO" 

 "I am very pleased to invite you to the International Film Festival “NACHALO” (Beginning”)! It will be held in St. Petersburg for 17 times, but still it... beginning. The beginning of the path that many of you will walk for many years.

The Festival "NACNALO" is a great honor and a great responsibility for its organizers. We all understand that in any case there is nothing more important than the right start, especially when it comes to cinema.
Let's make this the start of a bright and unforgettable!
We are waiting for interesting works from everyone who not only begins his journey into the world of big cinema, but also wants to compare his aspirations with a professional "tuning fork". Therefore, we are sure that the jury's work at the Film Festival "NACHALO" will be an example of a useful dialogue between the outstanding figure and the participants of the competitions.

The festival's non-competitive program will serve the same purpose. On the one hand, it will be possible to get acquainted with the debut works of veteran Directors. This is a great opportunity to see how those who now we want to look up started their way. On the other hand, for the first time at the festival, we will introduce participants to the best examples of the world's video advertising, which is actually an example of a short film and even with an obvious source of budget.
All this allows us to be sure that our Festival will be a great educational platform, will allow its participants to estimate their strength and the potential to conquer new heights of the film industry.

St. Petersburg is waiting for you!

This is just the beginning... NACHALO"

Daniel Kostinsky
Director of the Film Festival "NACHALO”


"Dear Friends of Cinema!

I love languages. They are keys to new, wonderful and unknown worlds. Cinema is a rich language!

My task is to find films for you, dear audience. Good films! For me, a good film is a film that moves me. Makes me laugh and cry. Tells me new stories! Stories I’ve never heard before. Or an old story which is so wonderful that I love to hear it over and over again. A film that opens new worlds for us!

See you at Dom Kino!"

Kirsi Tykkyläinen
Program Director of the Film Festival NACHALO

Kirsi Tykkyläinen became the Program Director of the Film Festival NACHALO in 2018

Kirsi Tykkyläinen — in the movie, a really legendary person, the range of its participation in the process includes acting work (including Aki Kaurismäki And Alexander Rogozhkin), the promotion of Finnish cinema on the world screens, and organization of the Russian Film festivals in Finland.

Kirsi participated in concerts rock group "Leningrad cowboys."

Her cultural background also includes 8 years of scientific work at the University, where the topic of her research was polysemantics. And one of the most important in career Kirsi considers the work of the Diplomat.